Creativity and imagination are essential capacities which have a vital role to play across the whole curriculum and at every age and key stage. 


We create students with core values which guide our vision. The extent to which all community members communicate and live our “LEADER” values through their own speech and action will largely determine our collective success.


Learning at this school is viewed as an experience,which is not only about gaining knowledge,but also shaping character & life skills,involving holistic approach to develop our children to be able and noble human being


We believe that a friendly, nurturing and positive School environment is one in which learning can best take root & students can develop strong ethical and moral values


Sports have been a mainstay of the high school scene for decades. Today, the field has merely expanded, encompassing an even greater variety of competitive options for male and female students alike.


Students are not only intellectual but also social and emotional beings, and all these dimensions interact to impact learning and performance. To plan an effective course, it is important to consider student's background.

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